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To protect and serve the residents and constituents of The Village North Randall. North Randall Police Department willingly works with the citizens of this great community and strives to maintain positive interactions with our citizens.


Police Department FAQs

In an Emergency situation call 9-1-1. Calls of non-emergency nature should be directed to (216) 663-1234. Calls regarding community activities or non-police related questions should be made to the appropriate department or to City Hall at (216) 662-0430.

The Records room of the police department is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is located in the Police Department of Village Hall at 21937 Miles Road. You can also contact Records by calling (216) 663-1235

Remain at the scene and either use a cell phone to call the police or ask someone around you to call the police. Give an accurate location of where the accident occurred. If you can provide any information about whether anyone was injured or whether there are any hazardous conditions (downed power line, fire, etc.) provide this information to the operator. The more information available, the better the police department and emergency vehicles can respond to your situation.

If no one has done so, call the police. Remain at the scene and the Investigating officer will interview you when they arrive.

If it is an emergency, call 911. Otherwise call (216) 663-1234 to report the crime. The dispatcher will collect the necessary information and assign an officer as needed.

Pull to the right shoulder of the road, place your vehicle in park, and turn off the ignition. Remain in your vehicle with your hands on the steering wheel while the officer approaches unless the officer directs you to do otherwise. Tell your passengers to remain with their hands in plain view. Do not reach for the glove compartment or reach around inside the vehicle or on your person to retrieve your driver’s license until you are directed to do so by the officer. Do not exit your vehicle at any time during the stop unless you are ordered to do so by the officer.

The officer wrote a court date and time at the bottom of the ticket. You can appear at the Village of North Randall Clerk of Courts office any time before that date and pay your fine, or you may appear in Mayor’s court on the date and time on your ticket an plead your case.

OVI stands for Operating a Vehicle Impaired. Formerly known as DWI, DUI, OMVI, or drunk driving, the Ohio general Assembly changed the statute to OVI in January 2005 to more accurately reflect the scope of the offense since it does not necessarily require “driving” or that the “operation” be in a “motor vehicle.”

  1. Ohio’s Physical Control Statute, O.R.C. 4511.194, went into effect on January 1, 2005. Physical control is similar to an Ohio OVI charge. It deals with being in a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs of abuse. The main difference between an OVI and Physical Control charge is that Physical Control does not require that the vehicle have ever been driven or started.
  2. An example of a Physical Control violation is if an intoxicated person decides to “sleep it off” in their vehicle. Often times, the person starts the car and leaves it running while they go to sleep. However, the car does not have to be on nor do the keys have to be in the ignition to be in violation of Physical Control. Having the keys in reach will satisfy the definition of having “physical control”.

No person, being an owner or operator of any vehicle of more than one-half ton capacity such as a truck, trailer, or semitrailer shall park, place, or store, their vehicle on any property or public roadway within the Village, except upon property where the owner of such a vehicle is lawfully transacting business with the owner or occupant of such a property, and except where the vehicle is owned by and regularly used in operation of a lawful business conducted at such property.

See North Randall Ordinance 452.13

The House Watch Program provides special attention to be placed on your home or business during your leave of absence. It is the responsibility of the home of business owner to contact the North Randall Police Department at (216) 663-1234 if the House Watch of Special Attention is to be extended of terminated early.

House Watches will not be granted based on the following:

  • No one day House Watches
  • No House Watch if residence will be occupied by anyone

House Watch forms can be picked up at the North Randall Police Department. If you are unable to come into the station, a request can be taken over the phone. Please note a signature is required on all request forms.

The Village is now a member of the Chagrin Valley Council of Governments.  As such all emergency calls are answered through the regional dispatch center.

Chagrin Valley Dispatch (CVD) is the communication center for 16 municipalities of the Chagrin Valley and greater Cleveland area, including  The Village of North Randall. CVD staff members and state of the art communication systems allow us to initiate, coordinate and record services of our first responders.    Police and Fire Emergency Response is still, ALWAYS handled by the Village of North Randall Police and Fire/EMS departments.  

Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center 

To assist the Village, CVD has trained dispatchers with certifications in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), National Incident Management System (NIMS). Their center is staffed 24/7 with a minimum of 8 dispatchers on duty at all times, and with 9 dispatchers on duty during peak hours. 

CVD staff consists of 38 full time dispatchers, 8 full time dispatch supervisors, 1 dispatch manager, 1 dispatch director and 6 part time employees.

Police Chief,
Antonio Stitt


Non-Emergency: 216-663-1234

Records: 216.663.1235

Fax: 216-332-0512

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