Links to Support Services


Homeowners having difficulty paying their mortgage should call “211” for referral to nonprofit counseling agencies that may be able to help negotiate payment plans or loan modifications and possibly offer one-time mortgage payment assistance.

Tenants concerned that the home or apartment they rent may be in foreclosure should also call “211” for referral to nonprofit agencies that may be able to help with advice on tenants’ rights and assistance with moving costs if needed.


Housing Programs

  1. Heritage Homes
  2. Home Weatherization Assistance – (216) 774-2348
  3. Home Enhancement Loan Program (HELP)  Allows homeowners in all of Cuyahoga County communities except Bentleyville, Chagrin Falls Township, and Hunting Valley to borrow money for repairing or remodeling homes at three percentage points below a bank’s market rate for home improvement.
  4. Four component (4COM) Home Repair Loan)   Designed to assist low-and-moderate income homeowners with the repair and /or replacement of the following four major housing components: Roof, Electrical, Furnace, and Plumbing – including sanitary sewer connections.
  5. Lead Safe Program    Enables eligible low-and-moderate income homeowners and renters in targeted suburban areas outside the City of Cleveland to make changes in their homes to provide a lead safe environment for young children.