New School Construction is Under Way!

The Warrensville Heights City School District has broken ground at the old Randallwood Elementary School site in phase I of the Master Facilities Project. This fully funded facility has a budget of $30 million and will feature upgraded technology throughout, as well as flexible learning spaces to accommodate 21stcentury learning. 

Phase II of the Master Facilities Project is to build a student-centered 6ththrough 12thgrade middle/high school. The new building will ensure every student develops different skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, preparing them for success in college and career.

When asked what the new school facilities would mean for the residents in the Village of North Randall , Mayor David Smith spoke to the opportunity for property values to increase as well as the creation of a better school experience in terms of environment for the students and residents.

In an interview the Mayor said, “[The new schools] have an impact to make the residents feel like they are valued in terms of the investment the school board is making in this community. And it gives them a chance to see their children have an opportunity for an improved education”.

The Mayor’s positive remarks not only come from being a public official in a city on the rise, but as a father who has seen his children go through the school system. “I think once you give people something to aspire to, it makes the environment better and you want to do better.”

Phase I of the Facilities Project is presented to open in fall of 2020. District officials hope to complete and open the 6ththrough 12thgrade campus in the summer of 2022.

Warrensville Heights City School District